Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs 2021

We are living in twenty-first-century life is getting easier and more developed, for the digitalization of lifestyle tech job become more popular. For a tech job, you must have the required skills and qualifications. Tech jobs are giving you smart earning. 10 highest paying Tech jobs are given below.

10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs:

10. Product Manager:

A product manager helps to develop the product of the organization. Becoming a product manager, you must have some basic skills – should have knowledge of product management tools, strong analytical skill, time management skill, and understanding the concept of product lifecycle management. The salary of a product manager is over $ 100,000 yearly.

9. Artificial Intelligence Engineer:

An artificial intelligence engineer is an individual who works with traditional machine learning techniques and neural networks to build models that power AI-based applications. An AI engineer should have knowledge of mathematics and statistics. In addition, he should have solid programming skills, understand Tensor Flow and other similar works. An AI engineer Earns over $110,000 yearly.

8. Full-Stack Developer:

A full-stack developer is a web developer who works both the front and back ends of a website or application. He must have deep knowledge and skills – knowing the basics of database technologies, how to design and develop an API, coding and scripting, the fundamentals of web development. The salary of a full stack developer over $106,000 yearly.

7. Cloud Architect:

Cloud architecture refers to the various components like- databases, software capabilities, applications, engineered to leverage the power of cloud resources to solve them. Some special knowledge and skills should know a cloud architecture. He must have the knowledge of understanding of cloud application architecture, good communication skills, knowledge of cloud platforms. A cloud architecture salary is around $ 107,000 yearly.

6. Internet of Things Solution Architect:

An Internet of Thing (IoT) solution architect is a professional role involved in developing practical uses and applications of internet things. Some technical skills are required for being an IoT solution architect, those are proficiency in programming, data management, programing language, stream processing, application development. The average salary of an IoT solution architect is over $ 130,000 yearly.

5. DevOps Engineer:

DevOps engineer is someone from the development team who took part in the deployment and network operations or someone from the operations team working on application development. The required skills are knowledge about DevOps tools, knowledge of Linux or Unix system administration, knowledge about designing and maintain a deployment infrastructure, coding, and scripting. The average salary of a DevOps engineer ranges from $94,000 – $140,000 yearly.

4. Software Architect:

A software architect is a software development expert who makes high-level designs and tries to enforce technical standards, including software coding, tools, and platforms. Software architecture required skills are data modeling, good programming skills, strong analytical skills, understanding the software architecture.

The average salary of software architecture is over $140,000 yearly. The demand is always high.

3. Big Data Engineer:

A big data engineer creates and manages a company’s all big data infrastructures and tools, knows how to get results from the vast amount of data. The requirements to being a big data engineer are knowledge about database skills and tools, Hadoop, Java, Python, cloud computing, Scala, apache-spark. The salary of a big data engineer is over $140,000 yearly.

2. Blockchain Engineer:

Blockchain engineers are specialized in creating and implementing digital solutions for organizations and utilizing a new type of technology without any copyright. A blockchain engineer required some basic skills, which are strong knowledge of data structures ad algorithms, strong knowledge in software development, experience working with open source projects and large codebases. The average salary of a blockchain engineer is over $150,000 yearly.

1. Data Scientist:

A Data scientist uses analyzes and interprets complex data to help organizations make better and more punctual in taking decisions. A data scientist must be skilled in understanding machine language & algorithms, create data models, identify the business issues for providing the solutions, good in code language. The salary of a data scientist is over $150,000 yearly.