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Top 20 Healthy Foods that Help Fight Depression

Suppose you are having symptoms of depression or experiencing it, then it’s not only you who is suffering from this chronic ailment. According to the study of the centers for disease control conducted in the United States, about 5% of individuals suffer from symptoms of depression. Another study revealed about depression even more. A medical expenditure panel survey was conducted in 2013, which showed that 1 American out of 6 is taking anti-depressants. However, it is essential to mention that psychiatric medications are not the sole solution to treat combat with depression. Current studies revealed a high risk of enhancing well-being and motivation, especially in a young adult.

Because they consider taking healthy vegetables and fruits daily, such as healthy foods contain the essential nutrients that are worthy of elevating the mood. Get a boost to your sense of well being and mood merely in tenure of a few weeks. Yeah, it is possible to consume the top 20 healthy foods rich in nutrients and hence function to decline stress and depression. These are readily available at any supermarket or grocery store.

20. Mozzarella Cheese

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is associated with the production of a hormone named serotonin. This hormone has a role in bringing happy moods and reducing depression. Turkey is known to have a significant amount of tryptophan, but you can also have another light and more available food worldwide. Mozzarella cheese is that fantastic food. So next time, never feel regret for adding little extra cheese on top of your food as it is healthy and nutritious. You can use it in various ways like sprinkles on your salads, sandwiches, pizza, etc.

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