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11. YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to earn money, regardless of your niche. The YouTube community is bigger than you think. You can find YouTube channels on any topic you can think of. People with huge subscribers and good views on their videos earn a lot of money from YouTube only. With the huge success of a YouTube channel, you can get sponsorships and make money both ways.

Antonio Centeno, formerly a marine officer, is a great example of people earning sky-high with YouTube. He has a YouTube channel with a niche fashion called Real Men Real Style. According to Forbes, some of the biggest YouTube stars brought about 127 million USD. These included the top ten biggest gamers. DanTDM, the most popular gamer in 2016-17, earned 16.5 million USD that year.

Of course, we cannot earn that much but we can earn a lot of money from YouTube. The website provides its own ad network. You can earn a lot from sponsored posts too. If you like making videos, YouTube is a fun way to earn money.

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