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3. Consulting

Another great way of making money online is through consulting. If you have potentially good speaking skills and are an expert in any field, you can get people to pay you by counseling them in their private and business life in the aforementioned field. Some people think that their counseling services are not good enough for big companies but this is completely wrong. The consulting industry provides a lot of counseling services and if you see the types of expertise people are willing to pay for, you will be surprised.

An example of people working as consultants in strange fields is Robert Farrington. He works as a financial services investor in the financial industry and does a counseling job in an unlikely industry. He blogs in his free time and many people and brands have reached him for his help with social media and online marketing. According to Robert, he charges a flat rate of around 100 USD for his counseling services and has worked an average of 4 to 6 gigs the previous year. He puts in his free time to consult and advise people on how to use social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to advertise and grow their brands.

People with potential counseling skills, who do not know where to start, can get behind a website called Clarity.fm. You can make a free account on Clarity.fm where you can offer your consulting services. After completing your profile, people seeking counseling in your category will find you through the website’s search box and book a session with you so you can start earning.