Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in The World

3. Big Data Engineer

On average, around 9 gigabytes of data are generated on the internet every day. Most of the industries are moving towards Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to keep check and balance of immense data and taking benefit from it. Big Data Engineer is placed third on the list with an annual salary averaging from 120,000 USD to 140,000USD. This job is entertaining for people who like to manage and design plans on a big scale. Big Data Engineers govern the large-scale development of their organization. Major skills required by this personnel are briefed:

  • Knowledge of Data Warehousing Technologies
  • Programming
  • Data Visualization
  • Communication Skills

2. IoT Solutions Architect

Just behind data scientists, IoT Solutions Architect is the 2nd highest paying tech job. You can earn more than equal to 130,000 USD annually as an IoT Solutions Architect. It is a leadership-oriented job where the IoT Solutions Architect keeps a check and balance over the strategies and implementation of the strategies. This job requires a profound knowledge of Machine Learning and hardware design along with programming in coding languages.
IoT Solutions Architects not only oversee the work in the organization. They also the duty of participating in group activities, mainly architecture, and help to develop an IoT-based environment to increase productivity. They also bring visions of higher management to life by completing the objectives and fulfilling business needs.

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist Is one of the best highest paying tech jobs. If we talk about the highest paying job across the tech industry, data scientist jobs come on the top. According to studies, industry demand for data scientists has increased up to 344 percent in the past eight years, and its demand is still increasing. They analyze complex data of organizations and help them in the decision-making process. Data scientists help industries to increase their profits by making sound decisions at the right times. Job requirements of a data scientist are:
  • Identify problems and provide solutions
  • Understand and develop codes
  • Data models
  • Machine algorithm understanding
A data scientist is considered the highest paying tech job because they make around 150,000 USD annually. Data science is a wide field with a few sub-categories. All the sub-categories have growth potential in terms of salary and career development. Any person can earn a lot by entering this field.

Get Certified For Any Tech Job

As we know that above-mentioned jobs are the most lucrative tech jobs. If all these jobs do not appeal to you, then don’t worry. There are plenty of jobs in industries like cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, marketing, etc. where you can find a suitable job that can spark interest in you. Certifications can be easily attained for these jobs. You can get basic skills, get yourself certified, and get a high-paying job within no time.
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