Highest Paying Tech Jobs in The World
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Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in The World


7. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect Jobs

Cloud Architects work on the cloud technology of an organization. The skills required by cloud architects are as follows:
  • Knowledge about cloud architecture
  • Understanding of cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, iCloud
  • Communication skills
Cloud architects have the role to develop a cloud platform for an organization. They manage the cloud application architecture, oversee cloud programs and deploy updates. They make around 107,000 USD annually. Cloud Architect is a vast field that provides various other career opportunities. You can find lucrative jobs within this domain.

6. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer Jobs

DevOps comprises development and operation. These engineers work either on the development team or the operations network. The goal is to increase the productivity of the development and operation network. Skills required by DevOps Engineer are:
  • Coding
  • Understanding the concept of DevOps
  • Knowledge about DevOps tools
DevOps Engineers make around 95,000 to 140,000 USD annually. This wide range depends on the team they are working on.

5. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer Jobs

Blockchain Engineers use blockchain technology to identify problems and provide solutions. The demand for blockchain engineers is increasing day-by-day making it a lucrative job. Blockchain experts have estimated the spending in this field to reach 15.9 billion USD in the next two years. Basic job skills required by a blockchain engineer are:
  • Programming skills
  • Understanding of Crypto
  • Knowledge of Security Protocols
It is currently the highest-paying job due to an increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency. Blockchain Engineers make around 150,000 USD annually and sometimes more. It is an easy task to acquire the skills required to start working as a blockchain engineer. Some websites provide guides to learn career paths, acquire skills, and start working in the field, so it is an easy task to start working.

4. Software Architect

Software Architect Jobs

As the name suggests, a software architect is the one who creates and designs customized software for organizations. They use codes to design helpful tools that increase the productivity of a company. Software architects frequently check customer feedback to develop user-friendly software and websites. Hands-on skills required by a software architect are:
  • Knowledge of software architecture
  • Programming
  • Data modeling
  • Analytical skills
Software Architects make an average of 114,000 USD or more annually. It is the highest paying job in India averaging 24 Lacs to 40 Lacs Rupees annually.
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