7 Bad Habits That Damage Your Brain


Most of us spend our leisure time by sleeping, watching TV and so on. There are some activities and habits that can adversely affect our brains. Bad habits can directly or indirectly kill brain cells leading to mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and even stroke, epilepsy and cancer. So it is very important to give up bad habits that are harmful to the health of the brain.  Even when our body is at rest, our brains are still functioning. Though most mental disorders mostly depends on genetics, proper lifestyle and diet are very useful to keep the brain healthy.

7 bad habits are discussed here that damage your brain. By stopping these habits you can have good physical and mental health.

7. Stress

Stress is an odd situation that is usually helpful as it helps to prepare the body to either fight or flee when in danger. On the contrary, long persistent stress is harmful to the body as it increases the level of cortisol hormone in the brain leading to long-lasting damage. It kills brain cells and the worst part is that it can also cause the brain to shrink. If this shrinking effect affects the prefrontal cortex, the ability to learn and remember can be impaired. So it is highly suggested to lead a stress-free life

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