Breast Pain or Nipple Ache

7 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Besides a Lump

No doubt, the lump is one of the most common signs that indicate towards breast cancer. It can occur both in men and women. In breast cancer, there exist a lot of bodily changes in human beings the skin of breast changes in one way or the other in breast cancer. The skin of the breast or near it may change in various aspects, and any person who experiences such change should visit a doctor on an immediate basis.

In some of the cases, it may happen that the patient of breast cancer does not suffer from any symptom. It could be asymptomatic in the beginning. However; the doctor may diagnose it based on mammography or other tests. The identification of the mass through the procedure of mammography will help the doctor to diagnose the disease. The early detection leads to quick treatment and recovery as well.

Here, we will discuss the most likely outcomes of breast cancer besides a lump that could let the patient know about the disease. All these symptoms are non-cancerous, but the patient must communicate these to the doctor whenever he is carrying out the tests for the identification of disease. It would aid the doctor in figuring out the illness and evaluate both cancerous and non- cancerous conditions.

7. Nipple Inversion or Retraction

There may be changes in the cells of the nipple, which can be either the nipple inward or nipple retraction. This change is relatively easy and quick to monitor. However, it is necessary to mention that changes in the appearance of the nipple are also common during ovulation. Hence, the changes in nipple appearance are often confusing with breast cancer or ovulation. A doctor can figure it out quite well.

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