10 Ways to Protect YourSelf and Family From CoronaVirus

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses and can cause various infections from the common cold to more serious diseases such as the Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome Symptoms vary by the virus the most common ones include cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, headache, loss of appetite, fever over 38, difficulty breathing, inflammation of the bronchi throat and nasal mucous membranes, in severe cases the infection can cause pneumonia severe acute respiratory syndrome kidney failure and even death.


It is known with almost absolute certainty that it is a new strain born from an animal pathology that then promulgated on man as often also in the past has been seen. In fact. all mammals and birds also seem to be able to carry the count. a planetary emergency that affects everyone and that leads human beings to change their lifestyles thus avoiding spreading to as many areas as possible. the only real defeat of the virus today is represented precisely in our ability to keep its propagation under control by taking notes on various tricks and good conduct that is easy and can be adopted by everyone so that we can soon return to our normal and usual lifestyle.

10. Keep The Children At Home

The need and urgency imply the temporary closure of the schools but also of all or almost all aggregation points in the face of limiting a large number, however, to remember finding the schools closed is not a holiday. All of us who have children know how difficult it is to keep them at home. But we can’t do otherwise. Leaving them free to run in the parks. to go around in a group on the street. to play football. basketball or on the open fields or in the condominium park means to excessively multiply the possibility of contagion. Among other things. there are several applications that allow our children to continue their studies while they are comfortably at home. these applications allow you to stay in touch with teachers and classmates every day because their schooling will not be affected.

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