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7. Lead Sales

Lead sales are a great way of making money if you are lazy and do not like working too much. The key to collecting lead sales is finding the right audience to collect your leads. You have to make sure that enough people visit your website and provide you with leads that you can easily sell.

A great example of lead sales is that you can set up a website and provide life insurance to people, and believe me it is a great way to earn money. Many people find difficulty in tackling the rules, procedures, and standards of life insurance. In such cases, you can collect leads. What you can do is, sell the information of people on your website to a lead buyer. Lead buyers are willing to pay handsome money to get this information because it saves them the effort of finding the customers themselves. It is not a confidential threat to the information of people because, in services like life insurance, etc., people are willing to exchange their information so they can get in contact with concerned parties.

Lead sales are not only limited to life insurance. You can collect and sell leads in many industries. What you have to do is create a website according to your niche and generate enough traffic so you can easily sell leads to lead buyers.