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8. Freelance Writing

People with creative writing skills can use this talent to earn money. Some people reserve their writing skills for personal use. If they can portray these skills and enter the market of freelance writing, they can earn a lot of money. It is quite a stable income stream if you write at least one article daily. If you are looking for inspiration, Holly Johnson is the best person to look forward to. She makes over 200,000 USD per year from freelance writing.

She writes content for other websites and earns six figures. She also uses this skill for her own blog, saving her the cost of hiring a content writer. Holly Johnson started just like any normal person would do. She pursued freelance writing as a part-time job while employed in an organization as a full-time employee. Over time she was able to increase her rates to the point she decided to quit her previously mentioned full-time job to solely pursue content writing. Her success story goes a long way and she has a course called Earn More Writing where you can learn the right skills required for freelance writing.

According to her, freelance writing is not a difficult job. You can easily find your niche. Connecting with people to deliver your content is somewhat of a tiresome job. The most crucial aspect of this category is to provide high-quality content every time. There are a ton of websites where you can start earning money through writing, the best among them is

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