10 Ways to Protect YourSelf and Family From CoronaVirus

9. Keep The Elderly At Home

The best thing we can do now is to put our elderly in safety; the elderly are the weakest ones against new influences also because the elderly often have other pathologies that joining a new one like this could significantly aggravate the healthy picture and compromise their life. If they are self-sufficient they can survive safely without seeing us.

Do they need food or medicines? Let’s leave them on the carpet. Let’s say goodbye to them from a distance. We can call them often and make them feel that we are there without having close physical contact with them. We try to keep them isolated from everything and everyone. And once the storm is over. we can hug them stronger than before. If we really can not help but have direct contact with an elderly person. because it requires assistance. we baptize a person. one who has direct contact. More people interacting with our parents or grandparents only mean more chances of contagion. And if we are not well. if we have symptoms of any kind. we avoid contact. Only in this case, we change the “support” person.

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