15 Common Cancer Symptoms – You Shouldn’t Ignore

14. Nagging Cough

Smokers are attentive, please. If you are a chain smoker and you are nagging cough, then there is a little bit of risk of having cancer. To be very honest, the nagging cough usually occurs for several reasons.

Say for example, if you have asthma, or even if you have any kind of infection, then you might have a nagging cough.

But still, you should take it seriously. Most importantly, if you see blood coming out with a cough, then obviously something is wrong. Don’t just waste your time.  It is found that people having those sings usually suffer from lung cancer.  But you don’t have to be get tensed. If you manage to realize this sign and then knock your doctor, then surely something good will happen.  As always she/she will do tests and try to figure it out.

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