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5. Google AdSense

On the topic of podcasting and advertisements, Google AdSense is another great way to earn money. If you visit any website, with your adblocker turned off, you can see many Google ads. These ads are quite productive and easy to set up on any website. If your website has a good amount of organic traffic, these ads can be quite productive.

Google AdSense is super easy to use. You can make a free account and sign up for your website or blog. Google provides you with a unique code for your website. It uses this code to view traffic, track views, and handle earnings all on its own. You do not have to constantly check on it if it is doing its thing or not. It works as an airplane on autopilot. A question often arises; How much can I make from Google AdSense? Asking this question is quite relevant. On average, you can earn up to 5000 USD in a good month. When you start earning 5000 USD from zero, it gives a boost to keep on working with Google AdSense and earn money.