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5 Best Way to Peel an Egg (Video)


Dealing with the hard-boiled eggs is quite challenging, and no one wishes to waste their time in peeling challenge. As Easter is near, so many of people are keep on exploring the most efficient and effective ways to master the technique of fast peeling of hard-boiled eggs. What trick or strategy will help you to make this challenging task easier?

Our three-step method is a fabulous one which aims to make peeling quite convenient for you. It ensures to make the whole process painless and quick. We also experimented with the addition of baking soda in it that either it would lead to positive outcomes or not. Surprisingly, we got mixed results about it. Indeed, we also focused on seven different methods for cooking these eggs and found that ease of peeling with all such cooking methods. To reveal the winning strategy of hard-boiled egg peeling, we tested five different types of techniques taken from the website source. We learned a plethora of things during the process and ultimately found the winner too.

Testing of Various Egg Peeling Tricks:

Eggs: The main requirement for testing of tricks is eggs. Maintaining consistency in all the methods is possible when you buy the eggs from the same source and brand. Hence, I chose to get large eggs from my favorite brand available at the store. All of these belong to the same batch and contain the same expiration date. Older eggs give tough time in boiling, and hence I choose to grab the fresh eggs only.

Boiling Methods:

When it comes to the boiling method, then I followed two types of boiling methods. One boiling method for eggs was Bon Appetit’s Healthyish method, while the second one is J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s method. In J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s process, I steamed eggs and allow them to cool naturally at room temperature. However, in Bon Appetit’s Healthyfish technique, I boiled eggs and allowed them to cool through placing all of these in the ice water bath.


For experimentation, I selected a set of three eggs and worked on every method four times. Hence, it took about a dozen of eggs for each performing each technique. Both boiled and streamed eggs pass through the testing process soon after cooking. I allowed them to cool as per the instructions and aged some eggs too. Aging is possible through the process of hanging them out for about a day and a half in the fridge.


Listed time depicts the average timing of the experimentation and indicates how much time an egg took for peeling. It is mentioned in seconds and includes cracking the egg, removing the whole of the shell, and all the preparations that you must consider to do.


I choose to rate as a parameter of depicting success and ease in peeling, for this. I used a scale ranging from 1 to 10, where 10 is the one that indicates perfection. The more the rating will be, the more convenient, comfortable, swift, and suitable the peeling method would be.

5 Tricks for Peeling Eggs and Found a Clear Winner

Trick 1 –  For Egg Peeling: Spoon

Recently Cooked Eggs:

The peeling time of recently boiled eggs was 23 seconds, and for steamed eggs, it took 22 seconds for peeling.

Aged Eggs:

Peeling time for both types of aged eggs was the same, i.e. 22 seconds for Aged boiled eggs and aged steamed eggs.

Rating: Spoon egg peeling trick gets a 4/10 rating.

Spoon Egg Peeling Method: In this technique of peeling, the broader egg base is allowed to tap on the counter. It provided you with an opening spot at the bottom where you can insert the spoon tip. I let the end of the spoon to rotate around the boiled egg so that the peel separates from the egg in one piece.

Results: The video of peeling the boiled egg with a spoon took a longer time than ten seconds. Indeed, approaching the peel of spot at the base tool for approximately 10 seconds. However, we observed a consistent time of 22 seconds for the peeling of aged eggs as well as recently boiled ones. The major flaw of it was the unimpressive presentation and wastage of food which happened due to the rotating of a spoon. It resulted in damaging the layer of many eggs during the peel removing process.

My Verdict: I am not done merely with this trick and worked on various other methods to get satisfactory outcomes. I found this method to be time-consuming and fussier as compared to multiple other techniques.

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