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9. Sponsored Posts

This one calls for all social media influencers. Apart from that, people with good viewership on their websites and blogs can make money through sponsored posts as well. Many brands and services are willing to pay huge amounts of money to bloggers and social media influencers to promote their products. Social media influencers with huge followers can easily get sponsored posts. Sponsored posts come alongside PR packages, so you get gifts as well as earn money.

Companies pay for sponsored posts depending on their business types. Some pay as low as around 100 USD for one post while others pay as high as 5000 USD or maybe more. These are the sponsored posts rate of social media influencers. On the other hand, big companies pay over 100,000 USD and sometimes more to noteworthy celebrities just so they can endorse their products on their social media handle. It comes as a shock to people like us but sponsored posts are a huge success as they bring in a lot of traffic to the said company. For sponsored posts, companies want you to endorse their products and want you to share a link to their website on your website or social media handle.

It is important to mark the sponsored content as an “ad” to stay in compliance with Google’s terms and conditions. This strategy does not only work if you own a website. If you have a huge social media following, you can easily get sponsorships. You can promote the things you like and get paid for it. A fun thing to note is that sponsorships come with a lot of free stuff too.