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15 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day


14. Dirty Vegetables and Fruits

We all know that vegetables and fruits are really needed to have good health. But the thing is, you have to be a bit of choosy while eating fruits and vegetables.

How? While buying fruits or vegetables try to buy the clean one. Not even dare to buy dirty vegetables. Yes, it’s true that you will clean the vegetables after bringing them into your house. But as they were already in the dirt, it won’t really matter whether you clean it or not. The same suggestion will be also applicable for fruits also. A Canadian researcher found that cancer can occur if you continuously eat dirty fruits and vegetables. Not only cancer. You can suffer from various diseases also. To get rid of all those problems, you can cultivate fresh vegetables in your house. You can search for a firmer who actually cultivate fresh vegetables. In short, try to ensure that, you buy fresh and clean vegetables.

Lastly, no matter how clean you buy it, after cooking it, clean it with water properly.  Thus you will be safe from all kind diseases.

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