5 Best Way to Peel an Egg (Video)

Trick 2 –¬† For Egg Peeling: Blow It Out

Recently cooked eggs: The peeling time of recently boiled eggs was 29 seconds, and for steamed eggs, it took 25.5 seconds for peeling.

Aged eggs: Peeling time for aged boiled eggs and boiled, steamed eggs was 34.5 and 29 seconds respectively.

Rating: Blow it out egg peeling trick gets 6/10 rating.

Blow It Out Method: The instructions of the Youtube video helped me a lot in following this method. In this magical trick, there is the tapping of the egg both from the top and bottom of the egg. Tap it from both ends and then remove the piece of shell which is of dime-shaped. Now, bring this egg closer to your mouth and give it a hard blow so that all the eggshell removed off and you get the egg pop out.

Results: In the video, it tool even more than 10 seconds. Indeed, it took about 12 seconds for egg prepped. Blowing is the primary process that demanded lots of energy. For getting the egg pop out, a hard blow out was necessary. Some of the time, I considered blowing it from both sides to peel off the egg. However, the efforts demanded with aged eggs were comparatively more that I feel to pass out soon with such a hard blow.

My Verdict: No doubt, I found this trick to be a fun party trick. I showed this to my nephews and niece, and we enjoyed hearing the loud noise when the peel blows out of the egg. In this trick, is direct contact of mouth with the food, which may lead to contamination.

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